About Us


  • The objectives of the Foundation are to :
  • advance the objectives of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996) by contributing towards improving the socio-economic conditions of the most vulnerable;
  • provide educational support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • contribute to race and gender equity in previously white male dominated professions by providing educational support in especially mathematics, science and technology;
  • support local economic development with a focus on job creation, skills transfer, poverty alleviation and wealth creation; and
  • provide shelter to the vulnerable and the poor, realising their basic constitutional “right to housing”.

Focus areas

In selecting projects that the Foundation wants to support or partner with, the trustees give preference to those who serve the South African youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.  In this regard, we specifically focus on basic education through the allocation funds towards schooling expenses of the very needy as well as bursaries for mathematics, science and technology career advancement.  We also contribute towards the establishment or enhancement of community educational facilities and community training programmes with a bias for entrepreneurship and job creation.

As South Africa experiences an imbalance in the gender representation in technical careers, the Foundation supports projects aimed at developing females with the desire and ability to pursue those careers, specifically in the industries and geographical areas where its founder has business interests.

The Foundation contributes to the provisioning of houses as we believe that having a roof over ones head significantly contributes to a person’s dignity and self-respect.  Closely linked to this, is our commitment to provide shelter and other support structures to the communities in which we operate, such as schools, clinics and churches.