David Mabilu
Founding Member

A born entrepreneur, David took his first career steps as an employee in the non-governmental (NGO) sector, but always visualised himself as an independent businessman, following his passion. After being employed in various positions in the African National Congress and the NGO sector, he launched his first property development business, Promafco, in 1997.

David got involved in social investment projects from the word go. When he saw the dire need in his province, Limpopo, for the establishment of a culture of entrepreneurship, in the absence of formal job opportunities, he started offering affordable training anddevelopment in entrepreneurship and general financial management to scores of young people in the province.

Cedric Nndwakhulu Ramabulana

Cedric Ramabulana was born and bred in Venda, Limpopo. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws (B. Iuris. LLB) from the University of the North and is today a respected practising attorney. In his career of over 16 years, Cedric has established himself as well acquainted and experienced in all aspects of the law.

Cedric’s practice, Ramabulana Attorneys, provides legal advice and support in litigation, corporate and commercial law, banking and finance, insurances, forensics personal injury, deceased estates, wills and trusts, insolvency, liquidation, matrimonial and dispute resolutions.

Eleck Shabani Masianoga

Alex Masianoga is committed to the social development of disadvantaged communities. Being from the dynamic township of Tshiawelo where he was born in 1970, he understands the needs of the people from such communities and invests much of his time and expertise in contributing to their social well-being. As a school friend of David’s, Alex has always been closely involved in most of David’s social investment projects.

Alex is a director of Makhado Projects Management, which specialises in construction of bulk infrastructure. He is also a shareholder of Barberry Logistics, and a board member of the Peter Tony Mphephu Bursury Fund.