Civil Construction

Township Infrastructure Services

The company has a track record of executing civil engineering infrastructure projects in built-up areas and greenfields.

The services include among others; Bulk water reticulation and associated concrete works, Bulk Sewer Reticulation, Pipe Jacking, Internal Water Reticulation and fittings, Internal Sewer Reticulation, and Earthworks for all Pipeline.

The company has capability to implement and provide maintenance to municipal roads and accompanying stormwater infrastructure. It has successfully upgraded gravel roads to asphalt surfaced roads, reconstructed and rehabilitated damaged gravel and asphalt surfaced roads.

The company also provides rehabilitation of asphalt surfaced by milling existing riding surfaces and re-surfacing.

Earthworks, Rural Roads and Stormwater Drainage

The Company has the experience to handle mass earthworks for building platforms, sporting facilities and for any type of roadworks. It has also implemented rural roads and pertaining stormwater facilities.